Practitioner: Angela Shirahama

Date: Saturday 8th April

Time: 14.00 - 17.00

Cost: 120 CHF

Location:  BioEnergie Gesundheit Zentrum, Dufourstrasse 24, Zurich 8008



Your personal birth chart - a journey to understand who you are.
Are you on path of discovery, are you curious and open, would you like to learn more about your personal Pentagram? Now you have the chance and opportunity to develop your own birth chart, to know what your strengths are, to recognize old themes or programs from the past, bring them up and then remove them by working consciously.

The birth numbers, your name and your main characteristic in the Pentagram will help you to recognize who you really are. You decide and have the free choice to discard the old patterns and consciously direct your energy towards the future.

All the issues that seem to be difficult for us, always have to do with our parents, past lives or karmic influences, consciously or unconsciously.  We judge and evaluate these issues when we should be recognising, understanding and then letting go of what no longer serves us.

“Without access to oneself, I cannot find access to others” Anne Lindbergh-Morrow
Everything is numbers, everything is energy and vibration. In the birth chart, your personality, your life purpose, your strengths and weaknesses and the elaboration of  your themes will be highlighted.

Bio Angela Shirahama

My work is primarily about healing, awareness and wholeness. The goal is to recognize your personal life themes so that you can come into your power, unfold, grow and follow your life plan. This requires the willingness to open oneself to the soul and to admit it. This means getting out of the drama (trauma), learning to learn the lesson and recognizing what power is in it. Life is not linear, but dynamic, and it is possible to look at and solve old themes, blockages, patterns of behavior, or obstructive programs in order to free oneself from suffering and pain.

Through my many years of experience in the healing field and the further development of my media skills, I am now able to put the tools I have learnt to service of other people and to offer support from a holistic perspective.

My way of working: With BioEnergy Therapy (Dr Mitsuo Shirahama) I work on the body. The energy centers (chakras) are opened, activated and harmonized so that the self-healing power can work and unfold. Through the consultation of the personal hologram, every theme or pattern that hinders our lives can be worked out. Once you are made aware of it, you can dissolve it and release it during the healing. Through the personal birth chart, we can better understand each other and recognize who we really are.