The corporate world needs Corporate Changemakers and passionate aspiring leaders!

We believe we can build a better World than what we have today and that corporations can play an important role in this. The world is changing, and each of us must contribute so it can change in a good way. Corporations want happy, productive, focused employees, happy clients, a growing economy, and a positive environment. 

Are we conscious of the impact we have on each other and how we can contribute to make the corporate world a better place?  Mahatma Gandhi once said – Be the Change You Want To See In The World.  How can we unleash the hidden potential of our employees and bring about workplace satisfaction?

Trigon Productions has on its books a number of leading changemakers who are ready to show you how to bring out the best in your team.  We organise team building events in consultation with you, built around the challenges your team faces. Team building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, address weaknesses, develop strengths and ultimately lead to personal and business growth and satisfaction.

We offer, as well ongoing leadership support in the workplace to reinforce these team building days. Your employees may have had a nice break from their work, but did your colleagues actually use any of the lessons that they learned once they were back in the workplace?

Our corporate changemakers are available for workshops either in your workplace or outside that build confidence, reduce stress, inspire, unleash creativity, improve communication and colleague interaction.

The greatest return on investment that you can make is in your people!

Trigon Productions is ready to design, organise and manage;

  • Innovative team building activities  
  • Inspiring workshops and lectures 
  • Corporate meetings or parties.

If you are ready for change, contact us!