Meridian Tapping      with Dominique Stelling-Dartweiler

                Meridian Tapping

 with Dominique Stelling-Dartweiler


This workshop will focus on the 14 gateway meridians connecting your body and emotions and will show you how to:

·         Unblock unresolved emotions and move out of the vortex of emotional turmoil

·         Use simple daily techniques to bring your emotions into balance at all times

·         Overcome stress within minutes

·         Heal emotional traumas and past experiences and transform unresolved emotions

·         Make peace with yourself and your past

·         Neutralize negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, low self-worth, worry and stress

·         Make peace with yourself and love yourself just the way you are

·         Reprogram your cells for optimum health

·         Dissolve emotional blocks that prevent you from leading a happy and healthy life



Dominique is a Mind-Body-Balance Coach. In her practice in Zürich she helps clients heal emotional and physical pain by helping them to identify and overcome subconscious blocks, self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotage patterns that prevent them from reaching their full potential and goals. With a combination of techniques including Kinesiology, Omega Healing, Body Scanning, EFT, NLP, Trance Coaching and Quantum Healing, she helps clients activate their self-healing abilities, to take charge of their own lives and to lead a life of grace, ease and joy. She holds certifications as a Omega Health Coach (Dr. Roy Martina), Reconnective Healing Practitioner (Dr. Eric Pearl), Theta Healing Practitioner (Vianna Stabil) and Master Myotherapist (Bonnie Prudden).