Practitioner: Gisela Rocha

Date: Sunday 9th April

Time: 10.00 - 12.00

Cost: 80 CHF

Location: Clienia Bergheim, Holländerstrasse 80, 8707 Uetikon am See.

Body Whispering is the intelligent language of well-being. This workshop will take you from inertia toward a place of self-growth, flow and grace. You will gain mental clarity while connecting with the intelligence of your body, avoiding stress by mastering your own energy.  Gisela will guide you through a series of exercises in grounding and alignment and will help you connect to your core. You will receive inspiration, believe in yourself and reconnect to your body.

Experience the joy, fun and rhythm of conscious movement and how essential it is for the soul to express itself freely. Create room to listen and understand your needs in order to function better in this world.


Bio Gisela Rocha

Gisela is an award winning choreographer with over 25 years experience and a repertoire of more than 30 dance creations.    

She has been living and working in Zürich for the last 12 years as the director of the Gisela Rocha company. She collaborates with Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Tanz Haus Wasserwerk, Rote Fabric, and festival “Zürcher Theaterspektakel 2005, kaserne Basel, Bern Ballet, Introdans Company (Netherlands) and Ballet Mainz.



"My career has changed direction from choreography to working with dance and movement as a tool to self transformation. I became aware of how conscious movement, expressive arts and improvisation can benefit, transform and heal people".

After some Profound years of research, practicing self- growth with great teachers – some of them more spiritual, others more body-oriented has inspired and transformed my life and my teaching and how I develop my work.

The integration of art and transformation is the essence of my work. The artist is always there, bringing games and creative improvisations, searching for a unique form that every group unfolds, and offering the art of moving gracefully.

In this interaction we experience deep emotions, track the way we relate to people, get in touch with our needs and expand our capacity to love.