Personal Development Events

Are you standing at a threshold or crossroad in life, wondering whether to walk through the door in front of you?  Attending conferences and workshops will not only give you the tools and knowledge you need to expand your awareness but it will encourage you to make change. 

The key to happiness is to challenge yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone and create miracles in your life.  Trigon Productions are here to initiate amazing personal growth workshops, create opportunities for you to participate and grow. We are building a community and if you don’t grow you end up staying in the same place.  So we invite you to come along with us and discover your passion, enhance your creativity and connect with your authentic self.

At our personal development events you will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to foster lasting friendships that will greatly benefit your ongoing self development.

Trigon Productions creates events from concept/development to installation and manages ‘artists’ in the field of personal development. If you are an artist or have an idea please contact us to see how we can collaborate together.