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Open the Door to Infinite Possibilities - The Power in YOU


Open the Door to Infinite Possibilities

We invite you to step into your power this weekend and discover your own inate treasures. Ignite your passion for learning and adventure and join us for one or more of these workshops.


The Mystic Pentagram - Discover the strength's you were born with and how to use them as a roadmap in life.


The Holographic Field - Learn to access the intelligent fields of information and energy within your field by connecting to your intuition.


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Tuning your Frequency - Awaken to your potential and activate self healing through the vibrations of natural sounds.



Whisperings of the Body - Gain mental clarity while connecting to the intelligence of your body and avoid stress by mastering your own energy.




Cost: We have different options to suit your time, budget and passion.

  • 2 hour workshop 80 CHF
  • 3 hour workshop 120 CHF
  • 4 hour workshop 160 CHF
  • The weekend 440 CHF