Our Natural Health Practitioners

We are building a network of natural health practitioners living in Switzerland. They are all experienced, heartfelt, community minded people working in their respective fields within the community.

The Wisdom of the Spirit - Develop YOUR intuition.


The Wisdom of the Mind


Rebecca Robinson Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Catherine Mesot Hypnotherapy

Gisela Rocha Choreographer & Conscious Movement

Dominique Daetwiler Omega Health Coach

Niklaus Frey    Breathwork Practitioner


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The Wisdom of the Body

Angela Shirahama
BioEnergy Therapist

Sabine Gansler
Chinese Medicine & Shaolin QiGong Therapist

Dorit Schmidt-Purrman
Singing Bowl Therapy

Gisela Rocha
Choreographer, Conscious Movement

Mascha Alex

Mascha Alex
HEP - Holistic Energy Pyschology in the Quantum Dimension

Cornelia Protogerov BioEnergy & Foot energy whisperer


Mandy Helas