Rebecca Robinson - Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

                                        Rebecca Robinson - Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Meditation is a holistic tool to cleanse your being and enlighten your consciousness.

Through Kundalini yoga and the openness of the chakras you will be able to experience a shift of rising energy and perceive a channel to take you to the infinity and back.

Seeing the world differently through meditation one can perceive the world as a more beautiful planet and treasure your existence.

Join me for this wonderful transformation.


Rebecca was born and raised in North America until her job of a photo model took her travelling internationally. She arrived in Zürich Switzerland and fell in love with the nature and the beauty of the mountains.

Rebecca began a journey 21 years ago with her practice of yoga. She was then pregnant with her son and followed on after her birth with an Astanga yoga practice with implied discipline and a daily practice. The journey continued with the strength that she acquired into Bikram yoga and then decided to spring into becoming a certified hatha yoga instructor. After then giving birth to three children her art of intention of her practice and the growth of inner awareness led to a more spiritual path of Kundalini yoga and meditation. Today she is certified 3HO kundalini yoga instructor and teaches yoga daily and teaches woman camps and detox programs and many workshops including teen yoga. Her love for children and teenagers encourages her to guide them into a balance and concentration and giving them a foundation of beginning a yoga practice. Rebecca travels yearly to Rishikesh India for the renewal of the birth of yoga and suggests the spiritual surrounding of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Rebecca teaches at Athayoga in Zollikon and at the Seeschau in Erlenbach.

Rebecca lives in Meilen Switzerland with her partner, three children and her cat ginger. Rebecca’s spirit and passion of yoga is an awakening experience.