Practitioner: Susanne Bertheau

Date: Saturday 8th April

Time: 9.30 - 12.30

Cost: 120 CHF

Location:  BioEnergie Gesundheit Zentrum, Dufourstrasse 24, Zurich 8008



Susanne Bertheau will guide you to connect with your Soul and to learn again the language of intuition. 

Susanne is trained in the doctrines of C. G. Jung, bioenergy therapy,  quantum healing and shamanic methods. With these tools, it is possible to get access to the multidimensional hologram of a person. In this hologram all the information about a person is stored. This is equally true about subconscious programs and blocks, which can be changed or removed while working in the hologram.  This allows the participants to transform, bring balance and true happiness to their lives.

What you will learn.

- Reconnect to your Higher Self
- Re-establish and improve contact with oneself
- What do I want in life - how do I recognize the true and the right thing in my life?
- Who am I?
- Work with the will and intention
- work with the universal energy field for your own benefit and faster advances and for healing

These are the topics which can only be treated superficially in 3 hours; Nevertheless, I will  integrate very simple but effective exercises for each point.



Bio Susanne Bertheau

Many people believe that the road to success lies only through hard work. Today I know that it can become easy, if you possess the right tools. I have gained valuable experience in such fields as therapy, coaching, sports, banking, law, sales and the fashion industry. Through these expereinces, I’ve got the inner view of the different corporate structures and management styles.

I immediately understood why some people were successful and some were not. Successful people live with the inner confidence that everything is possible. Every defeat means a new opportunity for them. They ask themselves, what they can do better next time. They know their strengths and work on their weaknesses. The balance of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies helps them to achieve their charisma and their individual genius.

When looking for my real life plan, I have often started from scratch. Despite making career in the field of law, I have realized that I was at the wrong place and my potential could not be lived out. Therefore, at the same time I started training as a therapist and started my own business after receiving the diploma. On this way, I was for some time surrounded by the negative environment and had critics who did not believe in me. I needed all the courage and self-confidence to be sure that I can do it. Because I felt that this was the only way to live out my potential and in such a way to find my happiness. When I was following this road, many doors suddenly opened and wonderful opportunities arose out of nowhere. I got acknowledgement and support from the people that I hadn’t seen and known before. They encouraged me to go on. By this time I knew I was “the creator – actually meaning “the Maker of my life”. Only my hand holds the reins and only I decide whether to live lucky or just exist behind the gray veil of everyday routine. The courage to make changes is my motto in such situations.

Ever since I am on my right way, I know that I live in an environment surrounded by wonderful people, who inspire me over and over again to something new and at the same time help me to live it out , which is important for me and that’s why I am here.


My motto is“With the necessary readiness, everything is possible! Easily and enjoyably your goals and dreams come true!  Get started toward success!”