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 The Wisdom of the Body 26-28 August

The Wisdom of the Body 26-28 August

Dorit Schmidt-Purrman


Mandy Helas


Mascha Alex

 Gisela Rocha

Gisela Rocha


Sabine Gansler


Angela Shirahama & Cornelia Protogerov

The Program  (All workshops will be in English and German)



19.00 - Welcome and introduction

19.30 - The Sound of Healing - Experience the magic of Tibetan planetary singing bowls.

Dorit Schmidt-Purrman with Nia Black Belt Teacher Renate Otth-Ammann through movement and the vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls will teach you techniques to tap into the resonant cavities within yourselves that will activate the healing power of your body. 

21.15 - Planetary singing bowl meditation for deep relaxation.

21.45 - Closing with question and answers



9.00 - Welcome and meditation

9.30 -12.00 The Power of our food - Are you ready to think differently? 

Mandy Helas will teach the importance of healthy eating and it's affects on our mental and emotional balance.  Become aware of the ecologically value of locally produced foods.  In this practical workshop, you will prepare delicious food based on local produce and be given the knowledge of it's affects on the body.

Lunch -  The food will be made and eaten together from the workshop.

13.30 - 16.30 HEP (Holistic Energy Psychology with Quantum Dimension) - THE key to open all doors and clear out disorders and disconnections. 

Mascha Alex will take us on a journey into the world of quantic medicine. The “Energetic-quantic Psychology-Medicine” promotes synchronisations of the frequency of the oscilations of brain, central and autonomous nervous system and from there in all the body systems which enables us to “deprogram” and resynchronise neuronal, emotional, mental and physical dissociations caused by traumas, with their biochemical, emotional, mental and physical disorders.  

This is the pathway to the wisdom of the body, mind and soul.

16.45 - 17.30 Embody Presence - experience life through the art of dance

Gisela Rocha will use conscious movement to connect you to your flow of energy, self expression and your thoughts without judgement. To embody presence is to notice your sensations, feelings and flow of energy.  When you feel good in your skin, a natural flow of energy is created, you become more present and aware of how you are creating your life.

9.00 - 10.15 Embody Presence - experience life through the art of dance with Gisela Rocha 

10.30 - 11.45 The meridian system and the flow of Chi

Sabine Gansler will introduce you to the philosophy of the Chinese medicine and the Meridian System in your body and in your house to harmonise the flow of energy within you and your environment.

12.00 - 13.15 Silence and movement with Shaolin Qigong  

Sabine Gansler will give us an Introduction to the theory of Shaolin Qi Gong. You will practice different sequence of movements that will connect you to your inner power.

Lunch - bring you own picnic or lunch can be *pre-purchased in the restaurant.

14.30 - 17.30 The Power Source - stimulate the body, feel and learn.

BioEnergie by Dr Mitsuo Shirahama with Angela Shirahama and Cornelia Protogerov

In the bioenergy therapy the energy centres (Chakras) open, activate and harmonise so that the self-healing power can have a holistic effect.
The goal in the BioEnergy is to bring body, mind and spirit toward unity, so the spirit of creativity can flow and move us in a positive direction.

In practical exercises we will connect to our feelings and emotions on a deeper level. We will learn to feel and perceive our energy bodies through mutual exchange of energies.

We want to connect with joy and ease to new and old knowledge, with the aim to better understand our bodies and to listen to it and information it brings.

17.30 - 18.00 The Power in YOU, is always within you. 

*Refreshments, tea,coffee and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend workshops.

* All information from the workshop will be given to you on a USB key so you can review and practice the exercises at home.